Sunday, June 26, 2011

WFA Football: Wisconsin Wolves vs. Minnesota Machine

TSB Television concluded its broadcast portion of the 2011 Minnesota Machine season with an epic divisional battle between the Machine and Wisconsin Wolves. Both were fighting for the Upper Midwest Division title and a playoff berth. However, the playoff qualification in the Women's Football Alliance isn't as simple as the NFL. The overall record is irrelevant, and because the Machine owned a better divisional record, the Wolves would have to win by 22 points or more to claim the divisional title by tiebreaker. Although Minnesota had the upper hand, they would need to win without Lisa Olson and Maggie Alt. Olson retired, citing too much stress balancing playing with organizational duties, while Alt suffered a torn meniscus in Minnesota's loss to Iowa.

While our Machine telecasts have come to an end, our involvement with Minnesota's WFA franchise won't stop yet. A 2011 highlight film is in the works, and we guarantee this will put the 2010 version to shame. TSB Television will also have more sports coverage for you in the coming weeks, with Minnesota Lynx video coverage and broadcasts of the Minnesota Jaguars women's semi-pro basketball team!

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